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We're roasting coffee

for our local cafes


Coalition is the coffee roaster

for our local cafes.

We love coffee and, so, we love our local cafes.

Our coffee has been specifically designed for these community hubs,

to help them bring coffee-lovers a cuppa that they’ll keep coming back for.

we hope you like it

Our coffee is for you.

We all know that New Zealanders love their coffee. Some of us opt for plunger or filter, others want nothing if it’s not espresso, and let’s not forget those who won’t part with their cup of instant. What we can agree on is that we have some of the best coffee in the world, demanded by the people and delivered by the roasters.

Coalition is here to provide coffee to our local cafes and the loyal coffee-drinkers that frequent them. We know that these community hot-spots attract people from all walks of life and all coffee preferences, whether it be straight-up, black, white, with almond milk or soy…you get the picture. Our coffee is designed to suit these variations and peculiarities.

Our philosophy on roasting coffee is to make the very most of the raw materials that are available to us, as well as, and especially, the roasting technology. We believe that the people using and drinking our coffee want something that is super-consistent and ultra-smooth, and we use premium green beans combined with super-tech to get it for them.


As they say, you get out what you put in so we make sure we source high-quality green beans from our suppliers. We use numerous origins to create our different blends.


We’re big fans of making the most of technology to improve our coffee. Luckily for us, there’s an abundance, enabling better flavour and improved consistency.


Each cafe that we work with has certain preferences when it comes to their coffee style and flavour. To keep everyone happy, we offer a variety of different blends.


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